Whether your focus is on clean eating, or simply the satisfaction and joy of nurturing something, we offer a large range of edible plants for your delight.

We know how rewarding and cathartic the act of gardening is. And nothing brings that to light more than the growing, harvesting and eating of your own home-grown fruit, veg and herbs.
Because of this, we at Landscape Art make a point of always stocking an in-depth variety of Herb and Veg six packs and pots.

Some of our year-round offerings to you include:

~Celery~Mint/Peppermint~Chillies~Sweet Peppers
~Spinach~Cabbage~Lemon Verbena~Catnip
And many more.

Our fruit selection varies depending on the season, but you can expect to see anything from Lemons to Limes, Granadillas to Pomegranates, and even Olives.





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