Nothing makes a home feel more loved than a couple of plants.

For those of us with apartments, empty spaces or simply a cult like fanaticism for flora, Indoor Plants are the ideal companions.

With a vast range of ever changing indoor plants in store, we have a lot to offer you.

From Calatheas, Ferns and Begonias to Dieffenbachia, Delicious Monsters and Philodendrons, along with everything in between.
Whatever your preference for light – partial, medium or full – we have a plant for every place.

Take a look at a few of our instore availabilities below.
While some of our products are year-round constants, there’s always seasonal changes.
Give us a call if you are looking for something specific, or pop in and have a browse to see our most recent additions.

Delicious Monster


Maidenhair Fern

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