A garden done right, is a getaway from the hustle and bustle of life.

With so many plants capable of blossoming and prospering in our Cape Town climate, you really do have every option at your fingertips, and can create a whole new world in your very own home.

We cater to a large range of likes, desires, and obsessions when it comes to outdoor plants.
From small flowers and succulents for groundcover, creepers for height, Palms and Cycads for an exotic feel, to trees for texture or hiding places for the kids, and so much more.

When you build your garden, every new addition can create something new and special in your home.
Take a look at some of our regular outdoor plants.
We have plenty of options instore and change our stock every couple of weeks.

Feel free to give us a call if there is something specific you are lusting after. Otherwise, come take a stroll in our Garden Centre and see what catches your fancy.

No dream or vision is too big, if you just reach out and grab it.

Arum Lily







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